Foreign Exchange Now Available

October, 16, 2020  |  By:

TRB Foreign Exchange (FX) is a solution for TRB customers who need to send an international wire transfer with foreign currency conversion to make payments to their suppliers, pay international tuition fees, or send a deposit to a bank account outside of the U.S.

We keep our process simple to keep you moving forward.


•  NO FEE for transactions over $50,000
•  $25 FEE for transactions $50,000 and below
•  Competitive rates
•  Secure international wire transfers
•  Same-day funds availability (cut-off time 2:30pm CST)
•  Transparency – know exchange rate and currency amount before sending
•  Avoid any additional fees from correspondent banks*
•  Faster delivery – funds can get to their destination faster with upfront conversion

Get Started! Here’s How:

1.  Open your TRB Account (for non-account holders)
2.  Contact a TRB FX Advisor to sign up
3.  Sign your one-time FX agreement (commercial customers only)
4.  Make exchange requests!

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