TRB Opens New Corporate Headquarters

January, 22, 2019  |  By:

Texas Regional Bank opened their doors today on a new corporate headquarters and banking center in Harlingen, Texas. Located on I-1 (Expressway 83) and Stuart Place Road, the four-story, 40,000 square foot building boasts an eye-catching cantilever roof and a brick facade that pays tribute to the first commercial buildings of the Rio Grande Valley.“Building a corporate headquarters anchored by a TRB banking center has been a goal since we began in 2010,” said Michael Scaief, chairman of Texas Regional Bank. “Our plan then was to be building a facility like this by 2020 but the economies in the markets we are in are doing so well that we are ahead.”
The first floor of the building will house a full-service banking center.  Customers will have access to deposit and loan services as well as the bank’s suite of specialty services like Wealth Management, Mortgage, and Private Client Services. The second floor will be devoted to marketing, finance and credit departments, along with team members who provide operational support. The third floor has lease space up to 10,000 square feet. The TRB Executive team will occupy the fourth floor.